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Matthew F. Curry

Web Applications Developer


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Languages: PHP4, PHP5, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript
Frameworks: CakePHP, jQuery
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Systems: Linux, Unix, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, OS X
Software: Git, SVN, CVS, Nginx, Apache Web Server, Photoshop, Flash

Work Experience

Tremor Media

Feb. 2008 to Present


Oct. 2007 to Jan 2008

Lead PHP Developer
  • Oversaw the development of, a site where fleet managers could purchase protection plans against rising fuel prices.
  • Integrated data feeds for market and retail fuel prices, which were used in calculations for various protection plans.
  • Redesigned the site to be more user and search engine friendly.
Yamaha Music Interactive

Mar. 2007 to Oct. 2007

PHP Developer
  • Technical lead for, a German e-commerce store specializing in downloadable media. I am responsible for gathering specifications, implementing new features and bug fixes, and seeing these changes through QA process to the production site.
  • Technical lead for Yamaha's Internet Direct Connection, a service that allows customer to directly access the Yamaha's digital inventory and make purchases from their digital piano or keyboard.
  • Contributed to the propriety Yamaha framework by improving performance through the use of caching and various code optimizations.
Kollins Communications, Inc.

Nov. 2005 to Mar.2007

IT Manager
  • Maintained and enhanced existing client websites, such as and
  • Worked with designers to create and deploy a wide range of client web sites.
  • Administered twelve OS X based file and web servers located both on site and at a dedicated hosting facility.
EyeRover Media, LLC

May 2003 to Nov. 2005

Lead Developer, CTO
  • Full responsibility for the design and development of every phase of the portal. The portal allows users to log on and view networked cameras from anywhere in the world. Users have the ability to pan and zoom the cameras, set recording parameters, watch recordings, and create and administer guest accounts.
  • The portal is written in PHP and runs on either MySQL or SQLite databases. The portal uses Apache Web Server running on Linux. There are also several backend programs that are written in C.
  • Managed a staff of three part-time developers.
  • Create Java Applets and ActiveX controls for watching live and recorded video in a standard browser. These applications provide enhanced security protecting the user's camera, as well as additional functionality.
  • Develop and code custom handlers allowing for different models and brands of cameras to be used, invisible to the user.
Columbia House Music and Video Club

Oct 2000 to Mar 2002

Consultant working through RedTrain, Inc
  • Worked on front-end web system, including checkout pages, using JSP and Enterprise Java Beans running on a Weblogic web server and an Informix database. I assisted in modifying the existing checkout pages, including adding new functionality and fixing various bugs.
  • Designed and built a customer service reporting system. This reporting system was entirely designed and created by myself and another consultant. Summary data was periodically taken from the main web database and stored in the local intranet database. This was accomplished with Java programs that would run during the night. A web-based interface, written in JSP, allowed the user to view this data in various ways (grouping by club type, date, etc.).
  • Worked on customer service tool that is used to create promotions for the web site. The tool has a web-based interface, written in JSP, which allows the marketing department to set the terms of a promotion. When completed the new promotion would be automatically migrated to the web site by a Java program that would run every 15 minutes. This system was already in existence, but was completely re-written as part of the project. I worked extensively on modifying the existing JSPs to work with the new database design, in addition to creating numerous new JSPs for the new functionality. I also worked on the batch Java jobs that would run periodically to complete automated tasks, in addition to migrating the database to the new schema.
RedTrain, Inc

June 2000 to Oct 2000

  • Developed middleware and GUI tools for RedTrain Online Employee Resource Management System, using Java Servlets, JSP, and SQL Server 7.0. System tracks employee hourly billing, expenses, contact and payment information, and reports data by client, project, employee, expense type, etc.
  • Designed and implement an Employee Skills system as part of the Online Resource Management System. This allowed an employee to upload their resume and enter information about their technical skills. An administrator/project manager could then search for a particular skill set and view the resumes of the employees that best matched. This was written using JSPs with a SQL Server database.


Loyola College in Maryland


Baltimore, MD
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science in May 2000


Available upon request.